QuickGraph#4 Explore your browser history in Neo4j

The dataset For this example I am going to use my browser history data. Most browsers store this data in SQLite. This means relational data, easy to access from Neo4j using the apoc.load.jdbc  stored procedure. I’m a Chrome user, and in my Mac, Chrome stores the history db at ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/History There are two main tables in the […]

The ‘hidden’ connections in Google’s Knowledge Graph

As far as I know, the only way to query Google’s Knowledge Graph currently is the search API. Let’s run a query on it, search for instance for Miles Davis’ album “Sketches of Spain”. https://kgsearch.googleapis.com/v1/entities:search?query=sketches%20of%20spain&key=<your_key_here>&limit=1 The API returns this JSON-LD fragment back (thanks, Jos de Jong for the great JSON Editor Online): Strip out the wrapping entities and each search result […]

QuickGraph#3 A step-by-step example of RDF to Property Graph transformation

The dataset For this example I am going to use a sample movie dataset from the Cayley project. It’s a set of half a million triples about actors, directors and movies that can be downloaded here. Here is what the dataset looks like: </en/meet_the_parents> <name> “Meet the Parents” . </en/meet_the_parents> <type> </film/film> . </en/meet_the_parents> </film/film/directed_by> </en/jay_roach> . […]