QuickGraph#19 Taxonomy reconciliation

A few months ago I gave a presentation in the Connections: Life Sciences & Healthcare virtual event. It was about building a Knowledge Graph using public RDF resources. You can watch the recording here or even reproduce the whole session following the instructions in this repository.

I went through the content again recently and I found one particular bit of that session that was specially interesting and worth spending a QuickGraph on. I’m talking of course of the reconciliation of taxonomies. Let’s dive in.

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QuickGraph#18 Semantic similarity metrics in taxonomies: A wikipedia example on uncrewed spacecraft

In this post i’ll give you an overview of some similarity metrics I’ve discovered when working with WordNet. Even though they were originally proposed as linguistic similarity metrics, I thought it would make sense to explore their behaviour if we generalise their use to a taxonomy-annotated dataset.

I will use public data from Wikipedia and what topic to choose on the week that Percy landed in Mars? No other than the rich domain of uncrewed spacecraft. Follow me!

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